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Student Reviews

Key to success

" I am Rishabh Saxena, and I did my Business Management from WLCI Bangalore in 2010. I am now working with Accenture and have a good post there. My time at WLCI taught me a lot about how the corporate world functions. Apart from studying theory, we did a lot of workshops, industry visits which helped me getting ahead in my career. The faculty there was amazing, barring a few exceptions, who guided us all along. I have had the most amazing time at WLCI and would recommend those opting for this course to go for WLCI."

Rishabh Saxena


Fruitful years of my life

" I am Deepika Malhotra, working with a big designer label in Dubai. I did my fashion designing course from WLCI Bangalore in 2009, of which I have the fondest memories. The most important reason for joining WLCI for me was their industrial approach to the course. We did a lot of workshops, and participated at fashion weeks, interacted with designers which opened up our gates to opportunities. I would suggest fashion students to go for WLCI for a better learning curve."

Deepika Malhotra


Good exposure for journalists

I am Ananya Das, a former student of WLCI Media School, Bangalore. I passed out in 2014 and got a job at a media house as a journalist. WLCI trains you for the bigger challenge, life. We as media students were given best of faculty and facilities to make it possible for us to learn more and better. The Bangalore campus is small in size but the faculty made up for it. For all those who want to be professionals in a field, WLCI is the way to go. "

Ananya Das


Took me towards my dream job

I am Shankar Iyer from Chennai and I did my diploma in Business Management from WLCI Chennai. I am a 2010 pass out and got a job in a very big firm as an analyst. I regard WLCI as the reason for my success as without the proper guidance of the distinguished faculty, it wouldn’t have been possible. The course is integrated with the industrial requirements and makes the students focus on those important skills. I would without any hesitation recommend WLCI to students who want to have a great corporate career. "

Shankar Iyer


An experience for life

Hi guys, I am Vidhi Jain, a former business management student of WLCI, Delhi. I passed out in 2013 and joined a bank and have a good post there. My years at WLCI shaped me for the future, as their course is specifically industry oriented. We were taught from the beginning that a course is as good as the skill it imparts you for job purposes. We had numerous workshops, industry visits, so we got a hands-on experience in the work culture, knowing where to focus on and what skills to improve. Not all teachers were good, but some of them really mentored us throughout.

The exam time was tough, but the student life is good. People from diverse cultures come together, so I made friends from many states whom I cherish till date. The infrastructure was alright, but could have been better. Over all, my experience was really good, as it helped me gain a practical knowledge of the field and made me confident about entering corporate world. I would tell students who want a practical knowledge of the course to give WLCI a shot, as it is truly worth it. "

vidhi jain


Why I chose WLCI

I am Dhruv Mehra, and I am a former fashion student of WLCI Delhi. I always wanted to become a fashion designer and this dream came true with WLCI. I now work under a designer in Delhi and get a handsome pay as well. Coming to WLCI was not my first choice, as I dreamed of NIFT or Pearl Academy as all fashion students do. When I could not make it to either of them, I was disappointed at first, but my aunt suggested WLCI as she had heard about their industrial approach to teaching. I applied to WLCI and got through their interview process, which was rigorous. After that, it was like a whole new world opened up for me, with great teachers, infrastructure and people. "

Dhruv Mehra


Showed me the way forward

Hi people, I am Jasmine Khurana. I studied media from WLCI, its Delhi campus and passed out in 2013. I now work with a reputed print firm in Delhi and I am doing well for myself. Joining WLCI was the best decision of my life as I got to learn so much, from such amazing teachers. The media school of WLCI is replete with facilities which made me utilize my potential to the fullest. We were taught the intricacies of being a media professional, by professionals themselves. The curriculum is designed keeping the industrial requirements in mind, and they updated the course with new things which came up in the industry.

I did not like all teachers though, and the canteen could have had better food, but overall I am glad I joined WLCI, as it made me job-ready. I would tell students of media to give WLCI a chance to shape their career and be industry-ready. "

Jasmine Khurana


Average infrastructure, awesome faculty

Hi guys, I am Rohan Malik, and I am a pass out of WLCI School of Business Management, Hyderabad. I am currently working in an MNC at a good post and doing great at it. WLCI was integral part of my career as it taught me life skills. The course was great, interspersed with practical workshops and industry visits. The infrastructure was alright, but could have been better. The faculty was truly one of the best, guiding us through out. The traineeship was great and paid too. "

Rohan Malik


Encouraged new ideas

Hi guys, I am Anusha Arora, and I have done fashion designing from WLCI Hyderabad. I passed out in 2010 and now work as a fashion advisor with a clothing brand. My years in WLCI taught me so much more than I was hoping to learn. The faculty is really which made all the difference. The infrastructure was really good and we made the best use of it. The faculty encouraged any new ideas and they let us develop our own individual style. Though the campus is small, the learning was big. "

Anusha Arora


One step ahead

Hello guys, I am Sukriti Pal, a former student of media from WLCI Hyderabad. I passed out in 2013 and got a job at a reputed print publication house. I will never forget the classroom sessions we had and the discussions our faculty had with us. It made all the difference. The focus was more on learning how to do your best, rather than on how to get maximum marks. I would sincerely recommend WLCI to all the media aspirants who want to learn from the best. "

Sukriti Pal


The place to build a career

I am Prerana Pal, an alumna of WLCI School of Business Management, Kolkata. I completed my bachelors in 2012 and am currently pursuing my own start up. The best part about WLCI is that they teach things no one else teaches. The course was fairly integrated with the industrial requirements and we were taught the practical stuff too. The infrastructure was not the best, but the faculty was truly amazing. It was a great place to find myself and make my destiny. "

Prerana Pal


The guidance made all the difference

I am Debolina Shah, a former student of fashion from WLCI, Kolkata. I passed out in 2010 and have been working with a well-known designer since. For me, the USP of WLCI was the class-apart faculty and infrastructure. Even though the campus size is small, the way we were taught was truly amazing. The faculty guided us all along and made it possible for me to discover my potential. "

Debolina Shah


Not just a manager

Hi people, I am Shubham Deshmukh, a former student of WLCI. When I was in WLCI Mumbai campus, back in 2008, I discovered a whole new aspect of Business Management. Most colleges focus on theory and marks, but WLCI differs on this point. They taught us how to tackle real life problems by teaching real life case studies ,we also had mentors from reputed industries who guided us, and faculty who pushed us to be inquisitive. I now work in a multinational, in Singapore. Looking back, I think I made the right decision by choosing WLCI. "

Shubham Deshmukh


Helped me build a career of my own

Hi people, I am Shivani Rohatgi. I passed out of WLCI School of fashion , Mumbai campus in 2010. I still cherish those memories and feel whatever I have learnt there is due to the excellent faculty and curriculum. The infrastructure was good, and made better with the competent faculty which guided us. This helped me realize my potential and I landed my dream job with a prominent designer in Mumbai. I would recommend WLCI to people wanting to learn fashion in all its complexities. "

Shivani Rohatgi


A decision I do not regret

I am Rashmi Pathak and I passed out from WLCI School of Media, Mumbai in 2012. Since then I have changed few jobs and now I am working with a media house as a journalist. WLCI has contributed a lot to my growth as a journalist as there we were taught everything with a purpose. The purpose was to know how to apply the knowledge to the practicality of life, which our professors did brilliantly. The campus was good, though the hostel chefs had little culinary expertise. I would suggest everyone who want to pursue media as a profession to get into WLCI for a wholesome learning. "

Rashmi Pathak


A class apart for future managers

Hi people, I am Shreya Goyal, and I am an alumna of WLCI from Nagpur. When I was applying for a Business Management course back in 2010, I was overwhelmed with the options and the pressure of getting through a good, respectable college. I did not have any unrealistic expectations, like IIMs, but wanted an above average college with good faculty. When I received an interview call from WLCI Nagpur, I did a thorough research about them. I was quite satisfied with their course design, faculty and infrastructure.

I was so relieved when I got through the interview process, as it wasn’t as easy it seemed. From there began my amazing learning experience and things took a turn for good. I enjoyed the classroom sessions and the industry visits which gave us a chance to interact with the top industrialists and gave us an idea of how the professional life functions and what is expected of us after college. I will forever be in debt of my mentors and faculty who guided me in the right direction and made it possible for me to achieve my potential. On the down side, the infrastructure could have been better, but the great faculty pretty much made up for it.

Over all, I am satisfied with the choice I made and would recommend WLCI for people who want a thorough understanding of the industrial world. "

Shreya Goyal


A hands-on experience of work

Hello guys, I am Saurabh Bhatia, a former fashion student of WLCI Nagpur. I passed out in 2014 and I have a great job in Mumbai now with a big designer label. I owe my success to the outstanding faculty at WLCI, who made it possible for me to achieve my dreams. We had a mix of both academic and theoretical approach, which is so important for fashion students. The industry visits taught me the importance of the skills which are needed in this field. Having the best faculty helped a lot, who guided us throughout and made the course so much more interesting.

A skill oriented course is very helpful in fashion as it is all about giving shape to new ideas. WLCI bridged the gap between college and industry with their balanced curriculum which leaned more towards practical rather than on theory. Though the infrastructure was not up to the mark, the entire experience was amazing and I made some lasting bonds while I was there.

I would recommend WLCI to anyone who wants a more enriched teaching experience with a practical approach towards teaching. "

Saurabh Bhatia


Nice campus facility

I have done my diploma in Business Studies from WLCI, Kathmandu campus. I passed out in 2010 and have been working in a reputed private bank since then. My years at WLCI were well spent and I received the best guidance from the most experienced faculty. The campus is quite spacious with a library stacked with the best business books. I would recommend WLCI to people who are willing to go that extra mile in learning. "

Sabyasachi Kumar


Practicality at its core

I am an alumna of WLCI School of fashion, Kathmandu. I am working with a clothing brand as a designer and doing quite well. The first thing we learnt as fashion students at WLCI was to innovate. The focus was more on doing the field work, research and workshops rather than on theory. The industry visits were a huge help as we got to interact with some really good designers. Overall, the experience was brilliant and I would suggest people to go for WLCI. "



WLCI, an institute of future

I am SanyaGhugre, a former student of Business Management from WLCI, Pune. I passed out in 2012 and now work in a multinational company at a good post. I owe all my success to WLCI for giving me the best opportunities and teaching me how to make use of them. The Pune campus is located at the heart of the city, so the market area is near for students. The best part though was the faculty who made it possible for me to love the course. The curriculum was smartly designed, to give a mix of both theory and practical knowledge. We had frequent industry visits and workshops which helped a lot.

The downside was a not-so-good hostel food, but living near the market made up for it which is replete with eating joints. The placements were good, as many companies came, which made it possible for most of the students to get placed in my batch. So, overall, I made the most of my time at WLCI and would recommend it to students who want a more industry-based approach to learning. "


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